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The platform designed specifically for surfers, board riders, and surf shops like yours. At Boardsportstore, we are committed to making it easier for people to find and purchase the perfect surfboard to suit their needs.

As a surf shop owner, managing a large inventory can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a solution that not only makes your life easier, but also puts your boards in front of a wider audience. By joining Boardsportstore, you can list your surfboard collection for free and our team will help you get set up and add your inventory to the website, so you can focus on providing top-quality boards to your customers.

Boardsportstore is promoted both locally and internationally through targeted ads, giving you maximum exposure and access to a large pool of potential customers. Our website features a chat system, allowing customers to ask questions directly to you without having to share their phone numbers. In addition, you will have your own storefront on the website, where customers can read about your store and see all the boards you have available for purchase or rental.

Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales and reach a wider audience with Boardsportstore. Join us today and start selling more surfboards!

About Us

We are a team of dedicated surfers and boardriders who wants to make it easier for people to post and find their new ride, and get out there and have fun in the waves with a board that fits you.

Our goal is to make you spend as little time on this website as possible. We want to make it safe, easy and enjoyable for you and your friends to find or sell your next board.


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How it Works

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First, you have to create a profile so you can post your ad and be able to chat

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Post your ad, you get 1 free ad when creating a new account.


connect and ask questions with other people with the websites chat system.

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Sell your board and maybe search for a new ride.