diffirent kinds of surfboards

What Surfboard should you use?

Need a new surfboard? Are you buying your first surfboard or an all-around backup board? Looking for a different type of surfboard? down below we’ve simplified the process by taking away some of the guessing game when it comes to choosing board.

Surfboard fins

What size of fins should you use?

Not sure if you need a Single, twin, thruster, quad or 4+1 set-up? this guide is here to help you a bit on your journey to the set-up for you

Spotting the surf

Surf rules / etiquette

There is more to surfing than simply catching a wave and standing up. Surfers have a universal idea about the rules that come with catching a wave – this is called surf etiquette. These ‘rules’ are not so much rules as they are guidelines to keep everyone in the water happy and safe. Here is a list of basic do’s and don’ts in surfing.

heavy ocean

Mother earth and her temperament

Learn about waves, currents and other weather phenomenon that mother earth are throwing at us. With the proper knowledge and experience, surfing can be very safe. In fact, surfers are often the ones that save hapless swimmers when there aren't lifeguards around. However, educating yourself about the risks is a good thing to do so you're not caught off guard, especially if you're a beginner to the sport.